Enamelled Wire “Supreme”

Aplikasi : kabel listrik, papan sirkuit cetak, lilitan generator, motor listrik, transformator, dll.

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Heat treatment of enamelled wire

Generally, if the synthetic enamelled wire is bent or stretched and come into contact with moisture, water, solvent or chemicals, stress will be arise in the film, small cracks (hairlines cracks) will occur,becoming the cause of pinhole and peeling. This is called wet crack or solvent crack and when the crack is light in degree, it is called crasing. This phenomena can be seen very often in all synthetic enamelled wires. In order to prevent this, the stress on the wire should be removed by heat after the wire is wound into a coil or before varnishing.

  • For more than 10 minutes at 120 oC for general synthetic enamelled wire.
  • For more than 10 minutes at 150 oC for general synthetic enamelled wire with thermal class more than 155 oC

Selection of the treatment varnish
Varnish that does not suitable the synthetic enamell may create problem, so care should be taken in selecting the suitable varnish. IEC 60172 is recommended to determine the suitable varnish.

Reference when using enamelled wire

Storage of enamelled wire

When using enamelled wire for a long time, be careful about the following points :

  • Pack them completely.
  • Avoid direct sun light.
  • Do not them in high temperature atmosphere.
  • Do not place them near acid, alkali and organic solvents.

How to remove the enamell

Please use the most suitable following method of removing, with considering the type of enamelled wire and work condition.

  • Using a knife blade or sandpaper.
  • Peeling off mechanically by using a stripper.
  • Soaking in stripper solution. Care should be taken, due to general the solution are toxic.
  • Using alkaline solution. Peel off after soaking in sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide.

Burning off over an alcohol lamp or gas burner, in order to prevent oxidation of the conductor surface . It is recommended that the burnt part to the cooled quickly in alcohol containing 50 % water.

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